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            Breaking News

            Consumption of fruits, veges, regular exercise key to maintain healthy heart: Dr. U Kaul

            Altaf Bukhari cautions govt against participating in All India Quota of Medical PG seats

            ‘Any such move would ruin legitimate rights of J&K’s PG aspirants’

            BJP working for people’s welfare, not for vote: Ashok Koul

            Visits Eidgah, Srinagar distributes food kits among needy

            Make ST category people part of Central, UT level schemes in J&K: Kohli

            Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, Kohli said that SC category people shouldn’t be considered as “untouchables” as they too are part and parcel of J&K. “ST people including Bakerwals and Gujjars, who live in forests and mountains are totally unaware of the scores of programs, centrally sponsored schemes and funding that comes under Tribal fund schemes from both governments,” he said, adding that the UT administration must ensure active participation of ST category people in decision making, implementation of central sponsored schemes, and UT level schemes.

            Will try to bring Kashmiri musicians under one roof: Amit Kilam

            Starting his musical journey when he was a kid, Music Composer Amit Kilam with his band Indian Ocean has composed music for various movies including Black Friday, Swaraj, Peepli Live, Masaan and Satyagraha.

            Aim to promote Kashmiri music at int’l level: Jaan Nissar

            Life is a journey of self-discovery, finding out who we are, what we are best at, and how we can make a difference in this world. To embark on such a journey one has to listen to his/her heart. In today’s edition of Rising Kashmir, we spotlight an individual who listened to his heart to pursue his dreams in the world of music. Known by a popular Kashmiri song “Harmukh Bartal”, Jaan Nissar Lone, a resident from north Kashmir’s Baramulla district completed his post–graduation in music from Trinity College London and on his return helped a great deal to revive Kashmiri Sufi music. He established his own music company “AR Music Studios” which is one of the first music record labels from Jammu and Kashmir aiming to blend Sufi traditions with modern acoustics. Settled in Mumbai, he has established himself as a Bollywood music director, producer and playback singer. He has composed music/sung for hit OTT series The Family Man Season-1.

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